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Custom Dimensioned Walnut Lumber

Does your Lumber source offer this??

Get exactly what you need by ordering Custom Dimensioned Walnut Lumber your way!:

CUSTOM DIMENSIONED to your specification
In Surface Grades of; Sapwood, Heartwood, C1F, CH1F, and CH2F
In thickness from 7/16� to 1-3/4� surfaced or, 3/4 thru 8/4 Rough



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We offer Surfaced Lumber Cut-to-Order in various Thicknesses and Grades. 

SOLD BY THE SQUARE INCH!!  Qty 1 = 1 square inch (si)  

Before Ordering - Please see details below, especially regarding the calculation of "Qty" and regarding "Thickness".

For thicknesses not listed please contact us. 

Custom Dimensioned Walnut
SI Qty: Price: $.03
Surface Grade:


Cutting Width or Length DOES NOT exceed:

Cutting Size: (#pcs - Width x Length in 1/4" increments)

Cutting Size is a required field  - be sure to enter data before clicking "Add to Shopping Cart"


Sold by the Square Inch to allow the most flexibility in your specification.   

Specify Cutting Size in inches as: Width x Length (in 1/4" increments).  Hint - for multiple pieces of the same cutting size, preface cutting size by number of pieces as: #pcs example: 2 pcs 3"W x 35"L.  

Qty = Quantity = your cutting size: Width times Length, example: 5.25"Wide x 37.5"Long = 196.88 times, if indicated, the number of pieces, finally roundup to a whole number so 196.88 is rounded up to 197.  If there were two pieces of the example cutting size the Qty. would be 394 (196.88 x 2 = 393.75 rounded up to 394)

Thickness - requested thickness is obtained using a single sided surfacer (planer).  Single sided planers do not remove all warp, twist, etc.  Though most pieces are flat - perfect flatness is not guaranteed.  We guarantee not to ship CH2F pieces that have warp and/or twist exceeding 1/32" per 36 square inches of size.  For Surface Grades CH1F and below the only  guarantee  is a "best effort"  This is because the effect of different rates of moisture absorption between sapwood and heartwood could warp and/or twist a cutting, even one that came out of the planer perfectly flat.  Hint: the most common way of obtaining a perfectly flat surface is to joint the piece.  If you need a perfectly flat piece consider increasing the thickness ordered to give yourself some margin for jointing.

Also, thickness (surface planning) is per your specification in 1/16� increments.  Minimum 7/16�, Maximum 1-1/16�.  Please allow for finish sanding - typically 1/32 to 1/16".  Other thickness options may be added in the future.  Email us with your needs.  

All surfaced lumber is air-dried to 9-11% MC  (moisture content), run-of-the-log, from slow-growth timber in NE Iowa and NW Illinois. One of the world�s best growing areas for Black Walnut Timber.  All Custom Dimensioned Lumber is S2S (surface planed two sides), SLR2E (straight line ripped 2 edge).  Surface Grades of  �Clear� are 99% clear (free of defects) on at least one face.  The opposite face may contain defects including but not limited to knots, worm holes, bird peck, planer tear out, pith, etc..  Sapwood is admitted unless specifically limited by the surface grade.

All lumber is cut to your specification in �� increments.  Maximum width is 8�.  Maximum length is 78�. 

Need help converting to/from Board Feet (bf) to Square Feet (sf) or Square Inches (si)? please see Conversion Aids

Surfaced Grades offered are:

Sapwood � admits defects and unlimited sapwood

Heartwood � admits defects and 50% sapwood in the better face

C1F (clear one face) � the clear face admits 25% sapwood.

CH1F (clear heartwood one face) � the clear face is all heartwood (no sapwood).

CH2F (clear heartwood two face) � both faces are clear heartwood (no sapwood).

Please read our Terms of Sale before ordering. Also see Privacy and Security

Need ordering help? Please refer to Step by Step Ordering Details for on line help or email us with your questions.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  How can we better serve your needs?  Email us!

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