If You have trees for sale....

We source our lumber through selected sawmills specifying Walnut Timber from narrowly defined geographic areas.  We do not buy trees directly from the owner.

Regarding residential or urban Walnut Trees: we do not buy them and know of no market for them.  In spite of what you may have heard about fantastic prices paid for Walnut Trees this applies only to Timber.  Residential/Urban Walnut Trees are prone to contain metal (nails, wire, etc.) which is disastrous for sawmill equipment.  Also, the low volume from one or a few Walnut trees does not justify the high upfront costs of getting loggers and their logging equipment on site.

Your best chance to market residential Walnut trees is a local sawmill or, contact your local USDA Forester.  I am aware that some tree removal service companies have connections with local sawmills and lumber distributors.    Ask before you enter into a contract to have Walnut Trees removed.  Hint: if your tree removal service is "bucking up" your Walnut Tree into four foot or longer logs they are most likely doing something with the logs other than firewood.  Who buys four foot long firewood!!!!

Sorry - we do not buy residential/urban trees so please don't ask.


If you have Walnut Lumber for sale...

We occasionally take on consignment unique Walnut Lumber items - but "unique" is the driving factor.   The item must have one or more unique characteristics such as extra wide, extra thick, exceptionally clear, book matched sets (sequentially sawn and stored) figure, burl, rounds, ovals, slabs, etc.  It must have grown in the geographic region (or like climate) stated on this web site - that means no fast growth regions like the South or West.  It must have been milled, seasoned, and stored properly.

Sorry - if it's not unique we would not be interested so please don't ask.


email inquiries to: forsale@swordswalnutshop.com