Thanks for your interest in our Specialty Walnut!

If you are inquiring about a listed item please mention the item number, a brief description, and any question or other details you think would be pertinent.

If you are looking for something not listed please be a specific as possible.  The more details you provide in your initial inquiry the less email exchanging will be needed.  For us there is no such thing as too much detail! 

Details should include:

type - figured, book matched, wide, thick boards; slabs, rounds, ovals, trunks, etc.


size (width x length x thickness),

for figured wood: type (curl, burl, crotch, flame, etc.) and intensity of Figure,

intended use,

ship to Zip Code


Total Budget (including shipping) which you are willing to pay - This is used as a reality check (such as: are you wanting Walnut quality on a Pine budget).  We also use your Budget information to suggest ways to stay within it.  Our pricing is not affected by your budget!  


Sorry, we can not invest the time to respond to your inquiry without this information.  Neither of us needs exercises in futility!



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