Item - W5q2BM10.5x82    Price: $199.00

Set of Two 5/4 (1.25") book matched walnut boards.  These boards are CLEAR with no defects other than sapwood and a small amount of wane on the poor face of one board.  Ideal for glue up for width.  Rough, DHK 

Same Tree as W5q2BM9.25x77

Total 15 board feet.  Board dimensions and grades are:

#1 - 1.25" x 10.5" x 81", F1F, Clear

#2 - 1.25" x 10.75" x 82", FAS, Clear

Total weight of boards is 59 lbs.  Shipping weight 65 lbs.  Ships via UPS Ground OS-1


Click on photos to enlarge and see defects more clearly

Side A...

Side B...