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Step by Step Ordering Details

Our new E-Commerce software package, while not perfect, includes two key features.  The ability to calculate UPS shipping charges in "real time", and to offer customer service order status and tracking.  
If at any time during the ordering process you become unsure of yourself please: 1) make liberal use of the “Comments” box (see About the Comment Box below) or, 2) email us with your question (s).  ALL ORDERING AND EMAIL IS SECURE.  

The following instructions are provided to assist you in the Online Ordering process.  We recommend that you print them or, you may keep this window open for reference when shopping.
You can easily discern whether you are in the standard or secure (SSL encryption) part of our web site by the marked contrast in pages.
User Registration
At some point you will be prompted to register as a User.  This is a necessary function to enable the use of our customer service features - order status, tracking, etc..  We don't play games with your information - see our Privacy Statement.  

User Information is "Billing" information and is presumed to be the same as "Shipping" information.  If "Ship to" information is actually different we must communicate via email!!  This is especially true with PayPal payments.

* Denotes a required field.  Be sure to complete required fields.

Mailing Lists (not currently used) will only be used to advise you of changes to the site such as new/changed products, services etc.. We will not do promotional mailings.
For Max Package Weight - please indicate the maximum package weight you prefer. UPS allows up to 150 lbs. Our maximum is around 100 lbs which is pretty heavy for the average user. We suggest 70 lbs.

Item Summary
A short item description and the cost per unit for the STANDARD CONFIGURATION are displayed.  
Item Detail
Each item has detailed descriptive text pertinent to that item.  PLEASE READ THESE DETAILS CAREFULLY.  Print them if necessary.  These details describe the unit of measure by which the item is sold.  For instance all rough lumber is sold by the board foot.  Available options are described.  For instance 4/4 rough lumber can be ordered in minimum widths.  Descriptions also include “links” to other pages within our site that provide further detail.  Some of these links are critical to the ordering process itself.  These include; conversion charts for board foot to square foot based upon thickness. Each “link” opens a separate browser window to display the linked page.  When you are done viewing the page (s) we recommend that you close the window.  Too many open windows can crash your browser!
Adding an item to your Cart
Before Clicking on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button be sure you understand and have set the "Options" (if any) and the "Quantity" (considering the unit of measure for the item). If you are unsure, consult the item details.  On your first item addition you may be prompted for your zip code - this is necessary for shipping costs calculations.
About the Comments box
Almost all items have a “Comments” box where you may input text to us as you deem necessary.  For instance, you prefer a different method of crosscutting boards over 8” long.  Maybe you are unsure of a calculation.  Maybe you have a question about a process, an item, an option, etc.  We will work with you to the best of our abilities.  We will not ship an order until all questions are resolved.

Click the “Add to Shopping Cart” button after you have made your adjustments, selections, comments.
Shopping Cart Contents
Clicking the “Add to Shopping Cart” button opens another page which displays the Items in your cart.  Here you may click to: “Update” (change quantity, options, comments);  or, “Delete” (delete the Item);  “Continue Shopping” (which returns you to your last position prior to viewing or modifying the Cart); and finally, “Begin Checkout”.


A very important line to watch is Total Order Weight.  Currently  UPS/FedEx provided software applets, used to calculate shipping costs online in real time,  incorrectly assume the entire order is shipped in one package.  For orders with Total Order Weight exceeding 150 lbs(70 lbs for FedEx - Home) the cost calculations will be inaccurate or will error out because the package weight exceeds the maximum allowable weight.


UPS cost calculations presume the entire order is shipped in one package.  Compare the order weight with your max package weight limit.  If your order has to be split into 2 or more packages there will be additional shipping costs.  We will contact you via email.


Lumber board length is directly affected by order weight.  Learn more about this and how to override it at UPS limitations .  This is also some information where appropriate in the product details section.


Checking out is a three step process.  1)Provide/Edit User  Information, 2)Verify User, Order Information; Select Shipping and Payment Method, 3)Confirm and Place your order, and if using PayPal complete the PayPal transaction.  All of this is done in Secure mode using SSL encryption technology  (if your browser is configured to display it - look for an icon that looks like a padlock).

Clicking the “
Begin Checkout” button invokes an input screen
(Step 1:User Information)
User information we need to process your order.  This information will be displayed or you will be prompted to Login/Register.  The required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).    DO NOT WITHHOLD OR FALSIFY REQUIRED INFORMATION.  VERIFY THAT ALL OF THE INFORMATION IS 100% CORRECT!!  Select the payment method you prefer.  Note: checks of any form must clear thru our bank before order shipment.  For the protection of both of us, we double check information against the PayPal information. When all is correct click the “Send Order Now” button.  The software will run a simple check to see if any of the required fields lack data.  The software does not verify the accuracy of data entered (another reason for the PayPal double check)!  Any error (s) found are displayed – correct the errors.  If there are no errors you will move on to the next screen.

(Step 2 Order Review)
Verify the accuracy of all User and Order Information; select the Shipping Method you Prefer.  Make sure the Shipping Method you select is valid and available.  **Not/Available** means the particular method is not available to your location (examples - not in United States, or UPS Ground not available to Alaska).  Attention PayPal users: payment via PayPal system (which offers payment options other than credit card.  YOUR CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS SHOULD BE THE SAME AS YOUR USER ADDRESS.  Due to the possibility of Fraud (for instance stolen credit card number/card), PayPal will not guarantee an E-commerce (Online) credit card charge when the Shipping (User) address and Credit Card billing address is deferent.  We understand that, though rare, there are some valid reasons for this.  We can waive the requirement but will require additional verification.  Again, VERIFY THAT ALL INFORMATION IS 100% CORRECT.  Error checking is basically the same as in Step 1:

Step3: Confirm)
Before you click "Confirm Order" Carefully review all items.  If you find errors at this point all you can click your browser “Back” button to make changes.    Make Cart corrections as necessary and checkout again.  This is your last chance to print your order information.  ALL OF YOUR ORDER DETAILS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU after your complete checkout.  When you are satisfied click the “Confirm Order” button to submit your order.  PayPal users will be taken to the PayPal payment transaction process.  All users will see a confirmation screen WHICH DISPLAYS YOUR ORDER NUMBER.  We suggest you print this page for future reference.  If you are not using PayPal mail your check to the address provided.  Now the ball is in our court.
Order Processing
You will receive an auto response email (generated automatically by the system software –not by us), sent to the email address you provided during checkout, acknowledging your order.

We will receive an auto response email advising us of your order.

We will process your order.  If there are any problems or questions we will email you.  We will not ship an order until all questions or problems are resolved.

We will double check your PayPal information against your checkout information and email you if there are discrepancies.

When we ship your order you will receive another email advising you that your order has been fulfilled.

You may check Order; details, status, and tracking using the menu bar (Shop Online ... Customer)


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