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UPS Limitations

 Summary Chart regarding Lumber Boards

Total BF in Order Total Order Weight UPS Limitation With limitation Expect max board length Without limitation Expect max board length
1 - 9 less than 30 lbs. OS1 less than 60" less than 80"
10 - 19 less than 70 lbs. OS2 less than 80" less than 96"
20+  greater than 70 lbs. Max Size less than 96" less than 96"
To receive longer boards - increase total shipping weight to equal the UPS minimum billing weight requirement per your selection.  Qty: = # lbs. 
Weight Override
Qty: in pounds
Increase Shipping Weight for longer lumber boards:



Maximum Length: 108”(9 feet)
Maximum Size: 130”.  Calculated by adding Length +Girth (Girth = 2 (height +width))
Example: A package 48”long x 8”wide x 6” high has a size of 76”

Oversize 1 (OS1), Oversize 2 (OS2) & Oversize 3 (OS3)
OS1 - Package size 85” – 108” = is charged at a minimum billable weight of 30 pounds
OS2 - Package Size 109” – 130” = is charged at a minimum billable weight 70 pounds

OS3 - Package Size 131" - 165" = is charged at a minimum billable weight 70 pounds plus a $40.00 per package surcharge

The impact on lumber orders of the above limitations is that we usually must limit board length based on the above.  

For OS1  and OS2 the chart above shows board length limitations.  For maximum size limits boards are usually under 8 feet so that length plus girth do not exceed the 130” size limitation.
8’(96”)   length allows maximum girth of 34” – 8”wide x 8”high (roughly 7-4/4 boards)
9’(108”) length allows maximum girth of 22” – 8”wide x 3”high (roughly 2-4/4 boards)

Therefore, we must crosscut boards over 8 feet long.  Said crosscut is usually made on a defect which would maximize board length.  However, sometimes it makes more sense, i.e.. cutting unit yield or UPS OS1 charges to make the crosscut on a defect near the middle of a board.  We reserve the right to make crosscuts as necessary but will try to comply with comments/instructions you provide. 


Package Weight maximum – 150 pounds.  
CONSIDER THIS ONE CAREFULLY!  Are you physically able to handle a 150 pound package!  If not, determine your own weight limitation and do the following to let us know.

Use the Max Package Weight field in your user information.  And, use either Item or Order Comments to advise us of your package weight limitation.

Special Handling:

Package type: Any package type other than a cardboard box incurs a $5.00 handling charge.  

Oversize Package (exceeds 60" length) incurs a $5.00 handling charge. 
We stretch wrap lumber orders.  This invokes the handling charge but saves the Oversize Package charges.  

We build a $5.00 Handling Charge in the calculated shipping costs to cover this charge and to recoup labor and packaging costs.



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