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Walnut Cuttings

One solution to the Woodworkers Dilemma is to trim defects and cut boards to length based on project requirements before shipment. We can do that!  surfwal_2p275.jpg (23234 bytes)

You Control Minimum Length 

In Surface Grades of: C1F, CH1F, and CH2F
4/4 thru 8/4 in the Rough or Surfaced
Walnut Lumber Cuttings are offered with the woodworker in mind.  Surface grades on one or both board faces, length in 6" increments and surfacing are all selectable. Minimum cutting sizes are assured. Less waste lumber on your shop floor - less money for UPS.





CH1F_front350q90.jpg (22030 bytes)
Above...CH1F front faces 

Below...CHIF back faces  CH1F_back6_350q90.JPG (24840 bytes)

Sold by the Square Foot (SF) Minimum 3 SF per item specified - and Qty must be a least 1 SF greater the the SF of the cutting size (or multiples thereof).   Note: Cuttings are equal to or greater than the selected cutting size. Please see details below before ordering.  
Walnut Cuttings
Qty: Price: $9.10
Cutting Size: (Width x Length in inches)

Surface Grade: (Select based on cutting Length)






Surface Grade:

A �Clear� face is 99% clear (free of defects), occasional, small defects such as worm holes may occur.  On surfaced lumber occasional planer tear out, chipping, or snipe may be expected.  The opposite face, edges, and ends may contain defects including but not limited to knots and holes (but not thru), worm holes, bird peck, planer tear out and skip, pith, etc..  Sapwood is admitted unless specifically limited by the surface grade.  Usually, but not always, Cuttings are SLR1or2E (Straight Lined Ripped one or two Edge (s).  

C1F (clear one face) � the clear face admits sapwood.

CH1F (clear heartwood one face) � the clear face is all heartwood (no sapwood).

CH2F (clear heartwood two face) � both faces are clear heartwood (no sapwood).


Minimum Cutting Size -

Cutting Size will be equal to or greater than the selected size up to the limits of the SF order quantity.  Thus most cuttings will be larger than the selected cutting size but one cutting may be smaller than the selected cutting size because of the SF qty. limit.  We will not ship a SF quantity greater then that ordered.  Therefore you should order a SF quantity greater then the SF of the selected cutting size or multiples thereof.  This is one of the reasons we ask for a 3 SF minimum quantity.


Minimum Cutting Length -

Select from 24" to 54" in 6" increments.  Lengths will vary within the increment.  


Minimum Cutting Width -

3", 4", or 6" width depending upon length.  Widths will vary within the increment.  


Surfacing -

We use care when planing.  We take multiple passes to maximize heartwood, minimize defects and sapwood, and minimize tear out by paying attention to grain direction.  The charge doesn't begin to cover the labor cost.



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